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Welcome to the website for County RVs, the only American Motorhome (RV) specialists in the East Coast, and East Midlands area.

Visitors are welcome to view our stock 7 days a week, during normal office hours, but please contact one of our sales team before making your arrangements to travel.

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County RVs specialise in a range of unique and increasingly popular American Motorhomes, more commonly referred to as RVs (short for Recreational Vehicle).For the uninitiated, these vehicles are unique and totally different in almost every respect when compared to the ubiquitous European motorhomes that are commonly seen on the roads and campsites throughout the UK. 

For a start, the first and most obvious difference is the size!...American’s don’t tend to do things by half!. 
There are three “classes” of RVs, A Class, B Class, and C Class.

All three Classes are available with slide-outs, with up to 4 on the A Class, and up to 3 on the B and C Class variants. 

Almost all American RVs have a standard level of specification that puts most European motorhomes to shame, and that’s before some of the usual customer options and upgrades have been fitted. Standard RV spec includes massive side-mounted pull-out awnings, air conditioning, LPG fired hot water and heating systems (with large in-built LPG tanks), built-in generators for total self-sufficiency, on-board waste water tanks (so no trips to the campsite sluices with toilet cassettes!), full size toilets and showers, microwave ovens, domestic size cookers and ovens, twin sinks, full size domestic fridges with separate freezers, cooker hood extractor fans, pumped or mains water supplies to all sinks, shower, and toilets, fitted TVs etc.

Higher spec models usually include self-levelling jack systems, additional TVs and entertainment systems, satellite systems, roof-mounted solar panels, toilet macerators, window awnings, outdoor showers, outside entertainment systems and BBQs...and standard on all RVs is a mass of storage space, both inside and outside the vehicle. 

Never has the term “home from home” been more apt when applied to RVs!!

Most RVs (particularly the “A” Class models) have cavernous belly lockers, some of which pass right through from one side of the vehicle to the other, allowing the storage of such items as windbreaks, outdoor furniture, bicycles, BBs and other larger items. 

With ever increasing airport delays, security fears and restrictions with air travel, there is a growing shift in people’s travel and holiday habits.... never more so than in the last 6 years when interest in the “staycation” or holiday in the UK, has been more focused. 

Some folks have forgotten just how beautiful and diverse the UK was when it came to scenery, activities, beautiful countryside, and places to go and stay - on or off the beaten track. The biggest drawback was the perception that in order to enjoy what the UK had to offer, you had to squeeze into a claustrophobic caravan or motorhome, with little or no creature comforts, with little storage for all the essentials, whilst managing with fading lights, limited energy and resouces, and tiny cookers, fridges, and usually no freezer!  Then to top it all, you have to make up beds to sleep in!

Not so with an RV!!

With an RV, nothing could be further from the above scenario!... you literally take your home with you, with all the same creature comforts of your house on board, and with ample space for a whole family to eat, sleep, and relax in total comfort, an RV will make your “staycation” as civilised as it’s possible to achieve.

Never before has the American term "Roughing it Smoothly" been so relevant! 

There are other reasons why many folks are now buying into the RV scene, especially when it comes to retirement. Many of our customers have purchased RVs in order to spend their retirement “chasing the sun” across countries and continents, having sold up, mothballed, or rented out their properties.
Some of these “empty nesters” took the decision to enjoy their retirement by travelling around Europe, especially during the winter months, enjoying the sun and the warmer climes, rather than having static holiday homes or timeshare properties. Some even tow small cars behind their RV’s for added convenience and flexibility! 
With fuel being cheaper on the Continent, and with all RVs being left hand drive (perfect for the Continent!), it has been a life changing experience for many folks, especially if they have been severely bitten by the “wanderlust bug”!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of RV’ing, and what an RV could potentially mean to you and your lifestyle, please do not hesitate to get in touch.